BodyIntuitive is a powerful energy healing modality that combines current western medical science with Classical Chinese Medicine. It was created by molecular biologist Laura Stuve, Ph.D., and Chinese Medicine Doctor, Janet Galipo, DOM. Body Intuitive evolved from the BodyTalk System, and like Body Talk, it is a system of healing that takes the mind, body, and spirit of a person into consideration. It uses a variety of techniques to tap into the body’s innate wisdom and natural capacity for self-healing.

A fundamental premise of BodyIntuitive is that all types of stressors impact health, including but not limited to: adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) as well as traumatic experiences throughout the life cycle, lifestyle habits and environmental factors, ancestral history, genetics, prenatal, and post-natal, all the joys and the sorrows, the illnesses and accidents, toxin exposure, the pharmaceuticals, and antibiotics. These factors impact the function of bodily systems and affect their ability to communicate effectively with each other which undermines optimal health and well-being. All of this information is encoded physically and energetically and continues to profoundly affect us, potentially creating imbalance and illness. Body Intuitive supports the body’s innate healing wisdom to restore balance and vitality. There is a recognition that there is an emotional component to all illnesses and a holistic nature to this healing.

Body Intuitive is based upon the premise that cells in the body communicate with one another constantly via subtle energetic circuitry and that stress compromises this connection. Self-healing is facilitated by a Body Intuitive practitioner who discerns imbalances in the patient through structured intuition and neuromuscular feedback.  Using a variety of techniques, energetic connections in the mind, body, and spirit that have been interrupted are re-established and balance is restored.

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