Aligning Serenity

Tap into Your Resources

We come into this world connected to our own innate wisdom and inner voice, but during our early informative years, the world instills fear and limiting beliefs in us at every turn. It's my passion to help you remember who you are at your core, release and reframe your blocks, while reclaiming your own energies to become your authentic self .

The answer is inside of you, let's find it together.

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Step into Your Authentic Self and Tap into Your True Potential

Claim clarity through identifying and releasing your reactions to day-to-day stress and overwhelm. Increase your ability to communicate positively and effectively with yourself and others. Experience freedom in the way you relate to your friends, family, and colleagues. Tap into your personal power and start looking at life through a new lens.

I am passionate and committed to collaboratively supporting you step-by-step in shifting emotional blocks and beliefs that keep you stuck at a subconscious level. I will guide you in developing self-awareness, living in the present moment, and engaging in a way that brings you balance and peace, while you heal the narrative our your past wounds and stories.

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The 3 Biggest Reasons People Seek Support

Chronic Illness

Together we'll restore your mind/body connection by creating new neutral pathways that support optimal body function and impact your overall well-being on a cellular level.

Relationship Stress

We'll explore the origin of your reactions and behaviours and redefine your beliefs about what you deserve so you can enjoy healthy and collaborative relationships.

Self Abandonment

Together we'll unearth your truth systematically, discarding old stories that no longer serve you so you can live empowered, confident and unapologetically you.

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