“Huge shout out to Angela Chapman with Aligning Serenity for her amazing BodyTalk sessions that have been life altering for both myself and Sydney. Jason and I have both seen HUGE shifts since Sydney started BodyTalk with Angela. Definitely reach out if you’re struggling at all and it can be done via Zoom or Skype so it has been super convenient.” …Jill…Cochrane, Alberta

“Angela is a very knowledgeable and supportive practitioner. The sessions I’ve had with her have been phenomenal. She is genuinely caring, patient, and wise and has helped me quickly and easily transition from out-dated, non-supporting, limiting beliefs that held me stuck and frustrated to productive, supportive beliefs that are now leading me on a fabulous, awe-inspiring journey. In the process she has also taught me supportive language that I now use daily to assist me in moving forward in the direction I desire.” … Adrianna … Calgary, Alberta

“My experience was enlightening and uplifting. Angela made me feel comfortable and safe, she was very soft spoken and professional. I guess the best way to explain my experience was the moments I felt “the shift”. I had been holding on to limiting beliefs about myself since childhood that I didn’t realize had completely shaped the way I viewed myself and the world around me. After my sessions with Angela, my life changed immediately. Every time an old thought or belief comes into my head that no longer serves my higher self, I am now able to exchange that belief with the new belief and it’s amazing how quickly this happens. Angela is passionate about BodyTalk and I highly recommend her to everyone!” …Jill… Calgary, Alberta

“BodyTalk makes you go from feeling bad to good. I was sad because only one person would play with me at school. After seeing Angela lots of kids play with me now and I feel happy.” … Kayley… age 6

“I so recommend Angela and the Body Talk Technique. Angela is a very skilled practitioner with remarkable intuitive abilities. Her calm inviting and to the point approach compliments any modality she uses. Giving a loved one the gift of Angela’s services is truly a gift that has the potential to BE far reaching in one’s life in such a beautiful way.”  Marnie Johnston, Calgary, Alberta

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