Allow Yourself to Shine

In order to place another above us, we have to consider ourselves as beneath them. While you may respect them or think them worthy of such esteem, in actual fact you are setting yourself up for failure. We hold people on pedestals to a higher standard than we hold for ourselves or others. We see them as “better than” and while this may be true; it is only true in certain areas of their lives and specific arenas that they operate in. In other areas of their lives they have their shortcomings and when you have someone on a pedestal your tendency is to focus only on your own. You cannot effectively work with others when you hold yourself back. Instead you are relating to them through a lens of beliefs and perceptions that may be colored and distance from the truth.

There are those among us who shine, there is no question of that and their wins should be celebrated. But, rather than being blinded into elevating them, instead hold them as models of what we are individually and collectively capable of becoming and allow yourself to shine!

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